Bwin.Party Instant casino

Bwin Party Instant casino
I’m always looking for the best online casino for slots so when I heard that had launched a new instant play casino, I had to check it out. It took me a bit of Google searching to find it. Now, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but when a casino advertises “Instant Play” I sort of expect to click on a button and start playing.

Oh, I have to register first? Well, that’s only a dozen lines of personal details, a half dozen of account data and entering the captcha code in the box. Wait, I have to make a deposit now. That means credit card and other banking. Wow, I’m glad this is instant and not like other casinos where I have to fill out forms.

Look, I’m not saying is a bad casino. They aren’t. And the PartyPoker room is one of the top poker rooms that Americans wish they could play at. I’m just saying that “instant” here won’t get you any pudding without the same amount of work you’ll put in at any other casino. Perhaps more. I can jump on the Silver Oaks site and play a selection of games for free in their web-based play without ever signing in.

And that web based play is all that the instant play is. They’ve added a new web based version of the casino so you can play a selection of games without having to download their software. Now, this is a helpful thing for players who may not be at their home computer when the urge to spin some slots strikes. Which is why many online casinos already have this feature. So, is just catching up with the crowd on this one.