Cludeo Online slots

Cludeo Online slots

Cludeo Online slots are based on the very popular game also called Cludeo. Online slots often get branding rights from board games and game shows because historically they have shown to be popular transitions. Cludeo is no different as the new cludeo online slots machine is already extremely popular despite how new it is. You might better know the game Cludeo as “Guess Who”.

The Cludeo or Guess Who Online slots have amazing graphics and realistic sounds. All the popular characters found in the Cludeo board game also make appearances in the Online slots Cludeo machine.

The cluedo online slots machine is a 15 line and 5 reel slot machine. With a combination like this, it is definitely poised for very high payouts and that is one reason why Cludeo online slots was such an instant hit as soon as it was released. The max bet is 5 pounds for UK players and 10 dollars for players playing in American currency. The jackpot can be as high as $250,000 if you are playing on all 15 lines.

There is a bonus round in the cludeo online slots game, and it’s called who won it? There is really no skill involved in this bonus round, you just hover over one of three options and pick a suspect. You can then see what your “offered amount” is. You can choose to try again but if you do, you could stand to lose your original bet.

Overall, Cludeo online slots is a fun, interactive game that highly resembles the real board game Cludeo. Everything from the real characters, settings (Cludeo Mansion as the background), murder weapons and storylines are incorporated in this amazing online slot machine.